“Ann Marie is pure light!  She has helped me transform my life, by
 teaching me how to connect with my inner joy and peace.  I understand now 
how to be in my body, break through blockages, and listen to the love
 emanating through all of us, guiding our paths to true authenticity.”


“I am thankful to Ann Marie for helping to prepare and open me to having such an incredible healing. With the help of a wonderful guide like Ann Marie, we can all live the life of true intimacy that calls to us. From Ann Marie, I have learned the beauty of balancing the masculine and feminine energy in my life, as well as the magnetic power of living in harmony.”

“Ann Marie (Gaia) is a powerful, loving, playful, spirited healer who 
deeply connects with those she works with.  She has recently been interviewed, along with other visionaries such as Gary Zukav and James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy), for an upcoming film about Conscious Evolution from those who brought us “What the Bleep.” My time spent with Ann Marie has been deeply transformational. Oh, and did I mention how much fun she is?? Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! We are still feeling the yummy goodness of our session yesterday…so grounded, my man is sooo present (insert squeals of joy here!).”

“Ann Marie has a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter and to the heart of those she works with. Her gentle, playful personality and special gifts make the process safe, transformative and intimate, while remaining respectful of, and attuned to, each individual’s pace and comfort level. I recommend her highly to anyone in search of more intimacy in their relationships or a deeper connection with themselves.”


“Although my partner and I have experienced a fair amount of psychotherapy, individually and as a couple, working with Ann Marie allowed us to access and explore our relationship in a whole new dimension. We were able to reach another level of vulnerability and strength with one another with the guidance and support she provided.”